Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.


Philip Mongelluzzo Jr., MD. is a physician and medical professional dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with the world. Based in Waterbury, Connecticut, Phil has worked hard to help the lives of those around him, especially in terms of teaching them about prevention practices.

To launch his medical career, Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. first attended Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, graduating in 1998. Phil received The Aesculapian Student Humanitarian Award three times. However, Philip’s education was far from over, as he still had to get through his residency. His first two years was with Atlanta Medical Center, and his third year was with Yale University. Both were focused on Primary Care. This gave Phil the foundation necessary to chase his dreams. One of Phil’s first medical roles was with the Waterbury, Connecticut, Board of Health. Here he acted as a Commissioner, taking responsibility for the city’s health-related issues and aiding with planning.

From there, one could say that Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.’s career could be broken down into two clear sections – establishing practices and creating avenues for education. Phil founded Dr. Philip A. Mongelluzzo Jr., LLC. This self-named business opened in 2002 and ran until 2019. During that time, it offered various Allopathic and Alternative Health Care Options. This led directly to Care Beyond Medicine, PLLC, which was founded in June 2021. Much like the organization before, Care Beyond Medicine offered Allopathic and Alternative Health Care Options. This is one of several projects currently taking up Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.’s time and energy. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.’s newest initiative is Next Level Care CT, LLC. He founded Next Level Care CT in January 2023, so it is a very new project. It is a Concierge Internal Medicine practice offering various Allopathic and Alternative Health Care, including state-of-the-art microvascular disease testing and biofeedback. During all of this, Phil founded Pulse4Pulse, LLC in 2017. Several years later, Pulse4Pulse is still strong, with Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. acting as CMO. The project assists with understanding microvascular disease and more and has worked with organizations such as the NFL Hall of Fame and American Diabetes Association.

The second section of Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.’s career is his education and outreach efforts. Phil has always strived to educate others about their health, including prevention practices. As such, he has done everything he can to share this information. Phil was a Pharmaceutical Speaker and Peer Education for a couple of years. Following that, he spent some time as a Pharmaceutical Sales Force Trainer. However, Phil’s first big move was in 2008, when he launched It’s a training seminar developed for the pharmaceutical industry, providing help on communication skills and product launches. This leads us to 2015 when Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. published his first book – “Achieving Health and Happiness with 30 Daily Doables.”
Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. has many passions in life, including health, fitness, and giving back to his community. As such, during his spare time, Philip acted as the Varsity Head Coach for the Holy Cross High School Girl’s Soccer team from 2016-2023.

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